And the pieces are coming together

A couple of months ago I was sitting in my area’s transgender support group, and the only other FAAB (female assigned at birth) person there leaned over to me and asked, “So, do gynecological visits really creep you out, too?”  And since I’d never had one before, I said no.  But then I remembered that I have my first-ever OB/GYN visit coming up, that I’d have a chance to test that theory.

I was super nervous, I’m not going to lie.  But I really shouldn’t have been.  Of course I got the awkward probing questions like “are you sexually active?”, but since my girlfriend came with and spent no time in informing the nurses of our relationship status, they limited it to the first time of “with a man”.  And really, those questions are only as awkward as you make them.  So once the doctor came in, one thing led to another and it became clear that I’m trans*, that I would be eventually getting top surgery and hormones, etc.  And she was perfectly fine with it.  The word “transgender” didn’t even come up, and yet she just casually asked things like how long I’d been thinking about top surgery, and was in general incredibly approachable, friendly, and basically just all-around awesome.  Plus, she cleared me for a baseline blood work lab, so that in theory I can just show up at the endocrinologist’s office and get my prescription right away.

So basically, I love this woman.  And more than that, things are starting to fall into place as far as life and transition goes. Yes, school is overwhelming and will probably kill me, but assuming I survive another 40 days then I’m done, and off to Illinois with my lovely girlfriend.  I’ll be working for a year while trying to get into the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign’s Social Work program, and in that year I will finally have “me” time.  I can actually go through my transition with enough time to be aware of it, I will have a break from school, and I’ll essentially be starting a new life.    A trans* friendly health insurance is also in the planning stages, but apparently there are quite a few options out there, so I’m super stoked about that prospect.  Top surgery could come sooner than I anticipated, which would be amazing.

So, schoolwork aside, I’m definitely looking forward to life.  It’s a nice change.  =]

5 thoughts on “And the pieces are coming together

  1. So glad you found a supportive OB/GYN! It’s crazy important to still get regular exams, but I put it off for a few years longet than I should have. My partner and I (both transmen) also just found an awesome provider, and it’s a huge relief! I hope top surgery comes more quickly than you expected–excited for the prospect!

  2. Trans-friendly health insurance would be a big win for you, and you’ll have so much time to focus on your transition. Also, I’ve never been to an OB-GYN either….

  3. I will definitely post my findings as far as trans* friendly insurances go, and I can keep a running list of supportive health professionals if people like. But as the only doctors I’ll have seen are either in Minnesota/North Dakota and eventually Illinois, that might not be all that helpful.

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