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My good friend is in serious need of top surgery, and I’m turning to you all — my subscribers and friends — to help him make surgery a reality.  He’s in a lot of physical pain (unable to breathe, ribs hurting, mysterious pains) because of binding, so this really, really needs to happen for him.  Check out my video, I have the links posted in the video description and at the end of the video.  I will also post a link here for you all to look at.  PLEASE donate if you can, but even more importantly please SHARE THIS as far and wide as you can.  It’ll take a bit, but hopefully we can make this happen.

Yet another life update….

Here’s a 10-minute life update that explains a few things:

  1. Testosterone dosage is the same: 200mL/month, taken on the 15th and 30th (or 28th) of each month.  Wondering if this dosage change has started catching up with my emotional state, and am keeping an eye on it for now.
  2. Hair.  ALL THE HAIR.  It sucks.  I do not like my chest hair, but am thinking that if I ever do electrolysis it’ll be for my back and shoulders.  The rest is a lost cause.
  3. Chest is doing well.  I have an epic plan for my eventual nipple revision, too; since I’m paying out of pocket anyways, I’ll just nip down to Florida to have it done with Dr. Garramone…AND GO TO THE WIZARDING WORLD OF HARRY

    I must go here. And live there FOREVER.

    POTTER!!!  Best plan ever.

  4. Mental health is better, but I did have a depressive episode from February through March.  I’m hoping this is clearing up.  I also am looking to discontinue my benzodiazepine medication (Klonopin) in favor of a less addictive, potentially more effective general anti-anxiety medication.
  5. Life is ridiculous.  This is my last month (and 1-2 weeks) of school for the year, so I may not be updating anything until halfway through May.  Plus I’m moving into a 3-bedroom apartment in July, so yay for that.

And that should be it.  As mentioned, I may not be updating my blog for a while due to school going through its death throes.  Here’s hoping it goes well.

“Passing” as Non-Binary: the Too Long, Didn’t Watch Edition

For those of you who saw the video I posted about passing as non-binary but 1) didn’t want to watch the whole thing (’cause it’s long, yo!) or 2) have hearing difficulties and couldn’t understand what I was saying, here’s the general outline of the video for your reading pleasure.

“Passing as Non-Binary”

  1. What does “passing” mean?
    1. For the trans community (FTM, MTF): seen as a man or woman. Gave examples.
    2. The term is problematic because it implies a binary system of gender. Non-binary people can’t really “pass” in this sense if they identify off of the gender binary.
  2. Things to keep in mind (when passing as non-binary):
    1. Think about what you like, enjoy, etc. How do I want to bring myself out into the world today?
    2. What are you comfortable doing to pass? Be aware of what you’re comfortable with versus what you feel compelled to do – perhaps looking more masculine, feminine, or binary – because of what “passing” seems to represent these days.
    3. What do you want to gain out of passing? Are you going for validation of your gender identity, for example?
    4. In American/Western society, the idea of passing as non-binary seems to be equivalent to presenting as androgynous. If you do not identify as androgynous, this can be frustrating…but this seems to be the predominating idea of what it means to look and pass as non-binary.
  3. My tips, thoughts, etc.:
    1. Hair: still seen as “masculine” to have short hair, and “feminine” to have long hair. Hair is highly gendered, so how can you pass with longer hair?  It all comes back to with what you’re comfortable with doing and your own personal preferences.
    2. Clothes:
      1. For me, this means I can pick and choose whichever clothes I want or like, no matter which section in the clothing store they seem to live. Being open to buying clothes from multiple sections can help you overcome the binary system of fashion that pervades society.
      2. Layers and plaid. Helps to cover up curves and breasts.  However, buttons or pockets on the breast will tend to accentuate breasts, so avoid this style if you’re trying to hide breasts.
      3. Shoes: You can choose whatever the heck you want to wear, just make sure they fit your feet properly! Use insoles if you need them, but don’t sacrifice the health of your feet for the sake of passing.
    3. Makeup and Accessories: Just depends on what you like and are comfortable with using or putting on. But if it’s not achieving the effect you want, keep in mind that wearing a lot of accessories or makeup is typically gendered as “feminine.”
    4. Behavior: Completely dependent on you. Don’t worry about what society says, because you shouldn’t have to change who you are to pass as non-binary.  If you do want to change your behavior, then of course that’s a personal choice, just go about it sensitively and with much thought and care.
  4. It’s HARD to be non-binary in our society! So passing as non-binary is incredibly difficult because people will want to pigeonhole you in a binary gender system.  Just keep being you, keep trying things out, and find what’s ultimately comfortable for you.

8 Things Non-Binary People Need to Know


This is pretty much awesome. Well worth the read!

Originally posted on Let's Queer Things Up!:

The image features the non-binary pride flag.The non-binary pride flag, via Gender Wiki

Coming out as genderqueer and non-binary was this big, beautiful, scary thing for me. I didn’t know what exactly I was moving towards – I only sensed that I was moving in the right direction.

Navigating something as complicated as gender with just my intuition was like running through a corn maze at night. There were a lot of dead ends. There were a lot of bumps and bruises. And it was, at times, totally exhausting.

There’s so much that I wish I had known when I started transitioning that I simply wasn’t able to find. There’s a lot of validation that we all need, but fail to get.

The internet is still tripping about our existence, so there are plenty of articles about what we are and there’s lots of 101. But our lives exist beyond 101. We need something more than…

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“Passing” as Non-Binary

A follow-up from another video I did while part of a collaboration channel…which received 10,000 views!  I wanted to go more in-depths on what, if anything, it means to “pass” if you identify as non-binary.  That being said, I also wanted to share things that I do or have done to present myself as non-binary.